Don't Settle for Run-of-the-Mill Drinks

Come in now for local beers in Bangor, ME

Do you like trying new flavors of local beer? Order your next round of drinks here at 2 Feet Brewing Co. in Bangor, ME. We have one-of-a-kind flavors that you're sure to love. You can visit us to enjoy delicious craft beers on tap made with local ingredients.

Call 207-573-1979 today for more information about our local beers.

Check out the kinds of beers we serve at our pub

Our brewer has made more than 40 craft beers since we opened, including our:

Barn Burner - a roasted jalapeƱo and ghost pepper flavored dark saison
Blank Slate - a hard-seltzer that can be any flavor
Shanny's Shandy - a grapefruit shandy
Harvest - a wet-hopped ale with native hops
Woodlot Scot - a Scottish ale with spruce tips

Barn Burner is always on Tap 1 and the other five taps are constantly changing.

Come in now to taste our local craft beers for yourself in Bangor, ME. Want some tasty food to go along with your drink? Our Food Menu page has all of your options laid out for you.



Cellar Door Winery - Lincolnville

Pinot Gris

14% ABV

This wine has aromas of citrus blossom, apple, and honeycomb. The balance of acidity and the creamy finish make for a great food pairing wine.


14% ABV

A dry white wine made with locally grown grapes.

Pinot Noir

14% ABV

Concentrated ripe red fruit flavor with moderate alcohol. This wine has a hefty amount of new, French oak to give it depth and structure.

Savage Oakes - Union - all Maine grapes

Come Spring

12%ABV | $7

Union estate grown St. Croix and Frontenac grapes make this delicious blend featuring black cherry and plum flavors and a blackberry finish.

Blushing Moose

12%ABV | $7

100 percent Maine grapes create this semi-sweet tart blush.

Dragonfly Winery - Stetson

Candle Waster

12% ABV

Tastes like cranberry juice

Second Chance

12% ABV

A delicious blend of Candle Waster and Common Sense (blueberry).

Blackberry Bewitched

15% ABV

Hand-picked blackberries create this deliciousness.

heart of maine - Lincoln

Dragon's Blood

15.5% ABV

Strawberry, blueberry, blackberry & lemon - Sweet and tart.

Anthony Lee's Winery - Dexter

Check with bartender for additional seasonal flavors

Pear Wine

13% ABV

Locally sourced Maine pears create this fruity-slightly dry wine.

rocky Ground Cider - Newburgh

Check with bartender for additional seasonal flavors


11% ABV

Apple juice from Grey Pearmain from Fairfield and wild pippins from Newburgh is fermented in barrels for 2 years to create this palate delight. Slightly sweet and strong

Winterport Winery - Winterport

Berry Chocolate

12% ABV

A blossoming of berry flavors followed by a velvety chocolate finish. A blend of raspberry-blueberry wines with a natural chocolate flavor create this dessert wine.


12% ABV

Very fruit forward with a nice dry finish. Merlot like.

Pear Cider

6% ABV. | $7/can

Delightfully pear, lightly sparkled, nicely refreshing. Gluten free.

Baker Road Blueberry Cider

6% ABV. | $7/can

Sparkled with sweet berries. Gluten free.

Cove Road Cranberry Cider

6% ABV and gluten free. | $7/can

Lightly sparkled cranberry.

Maine Meads - South Portland, Pittsfield

Blueberry by HoneyMaker

12.5% ABV

A ton of low-bush Maine blueberries are used to make this light and delicious honey wine.

Habinaro-Lime by Ram Island

6.9 % ABV | $8/can

Sounds hot but it's so cool.

Chai by Ram Island

6.9 % ABV | $8/can

Cold Chai tea in a can.

Lavender Lemonade by Ram Island

6.9% ABV | $8/can

Dry mead infused with locally grown English lavender, mint and house-made lemonade and then carbonated.

LemonMeAde by Aegir's Den

6% ABV | $8/can

Mom's lemonade was never so good.

Bee Tea -- by Aegir's Den

6% ABV | $8/can

Locally sourced honey and tea.

Traditional -- by Aegir's Den

6% ABV | $8/can

Straight up session honey wine.

Wine Spirits - $5, 2 ounce pour

TREE SPIRITS, Oakland -- Maple Storm

20% ABV

Maple wine with maple spirits.

Anthony Lee's, Dexter - Plum Spirits

18% ABV

Plum wine blended with brandy.

Anthony Lee's - Raspberry Spirits

20% ABV

Raspberry wine blended with brandy.